Our Heart

Our Heartbeat

We share a common union of purpose:

  1. To Love God (with all that we are and all that we have)
  2. To Love our Neighbors (inside and outside the church)
  3. To Make Disciples and teach them to obey everything Jesus commanded (Matt 28:19,20)

Our Heart Flow

Gather   ->     Engage     ->     Mobilise     ->

As reproducing disciples, we desire to become more like Jesus and to say and do the things he taught so that we might teaching others to do the same.


Jesus’ Example

As the apostle Peter later said, Jesus has made us His “living stones” and he builds (gathers) us together as a spiritual temple to serve God, each other and those Jesus is adding to the church.

Jesus ministry began by gathering followers.

He gathered by teaching and demonstrating God’s rule and reign He invited people to enter the Kingdom, follow Him (become like him.)

He gathered individuals, groups of people and large crowds.

What We Do:

We meet together (gather) because of our common union of purpose in Jesus.

Gather is the entry point for our relationship as disciples sharing love, life and faith.

Gather allows time to get together, get to know one another, catch up, share stories, eat together, worship etc.

We gather in a variety of ways:
  • Over a coffee
  • Sharing a meal
  • social activities
  • In Life groups
  • Events
  • In our meetings on Sundays.


Jesus’ Example

Jesus intentionally engaged people’s hearts, minds and spirits into life through His word and His power. About 12 months after he started His ministry, Jesus spent the night praying on a mountain and when he came down, He set apart 12 followers and called them to be “sent ones” (apostles) so that they might “be with them”.

He spent the next 2 years, 24/7 ,“being with”  those “Sent Ones” modelling life in the Kingdom of God.

What We Do:

The Engage phase allows us to build on relationships established as we gather.

Engage is an intentional commitment to meet regularly meeting in accountable relationships with as few as two or as many as 8 so that we might “be with” one another to share love, life and faith and grow as reproducing disciples of Jesus. We call this a Life Group.

When we meet as Life groups we seek to follow a simple reproducible pattern so that every person is able to participate and contribute. Our hope is that through God’s leading and help, every person will have the capacity to start a Life Group themselves with at least one other person.


Jesus example

In the last year or so of Jesus’ ministry he mobilized his “Sent ones” and told them to go and say and do the very things that they had observed him saying and doing. He sent the 12 and then later 72. After his death and resurrection, he told those who had been “with him” to wait for the power of the Holy Spirit. On the day of Pentecost 120 were filed with the power of the Holy Spirit and they became Jesus’ “sent eye witnesses.”

What We Do:

We seek to mobilise disciples, life groups and congregations. We seek to encourage and continually pray, to be continually filled with Holy Spirits power and sent as witnesses going with boldness and courage to share Jesus.

  • We mobilse every disciple to share the goodnews of Jesus with those that God has placed their lives.
  • We mobilise every disciple to be led by the Holy Spirit and use their gifts inside and outside the church.
  • We mobilise every Life Group to work as a team to share and show the love of Jesus to someone regularly.
  • We mobilise leaders by training and releasing them. This includes mission and ministry leaders, interns and staff.
  • We mobiise those who are called to serve God in short term outreach and mission (locally and globally)
  • We mobilse those who are called to serve God as a vocation (locally and globally.)
  • We mobilise people who are called to pioneer a new congregation