VIP Teams

If you have a heart for serving people and welcoming them into our church, the VIP team is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with others. It’s a simple job (fun and easy) and can have lasting impact on those you meet as they arrive at New Heart. Share a cuppa, show someone to their sear, give them a hug! Show someone you care – contact the office to sign up today.

Creative Team

Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a photographer, draw in your spare time or are a full time interior designer. New Heart Creative would love you to join our team and explore the possibilities. Our team’s influence is widespread from Video News to the Messenger. Even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body, if you’re willing to serve the body of Christ, don’t hesitate to be involved. We’ll teach you the technical skills you need and get you on-board!

Teach and Lead the Kids!

If you have a passion for children, we’d love you to join our team of GoKids volunteers! Whether you can serve once a month, or every week, at Balmoral or at Rochedale, we’d love to get you involved in training and discipling the young generation.

Worship Teams

 If you’re passionate about worship and seeing God’s people praise His name, we would love to see you join our worship team. We’re looking for people who can either sing or play an instrument, who are enthusiastic about God and serving in the church.

For more information, contact the office.