Serve His Community

The Blending of Generations & Nations

Sharing, Caring, Ministering and Mentoring relationships between people of all ages and cultures. (Acts 2)

Small Groups

Meeting regularly, “wherever two or three gather in my name” (Matthew 18:20) to share our lives, stories, read the word and pray for one another.


Relationships with our brothers and sisters in God’s family, that overflow from our love and relationship with God (Hebrews 2:11). Family is about belonging, loyalty, safety, acceptance, forgiveness, encouragement, honesty, support and caring for one another.

Building up the Body

Varieties of gifts, ministries and activities are given by the Spirit to each member of the body for the common good (1 Corinthians 12:4-7). As each believer does his/her part the Body of Jesus is built up in love (Ephesians 4:16). As we use of gifts in love to one another the world will see and know that we are Jesus’ disciples.

Honor, Respect and Acceptance

We esteem young and old, rich and poor, those who serve and those who lead. We seek to encourage, serve & honor every person who is uniquely made in God’s image. (Romans 12:10; 13:7)


God’s generosity overflowing in our lives, in what we say, do, and give (2 Corinthians 9:5 -7).


Opening our hearts, homes and small groups, church gatherings to serve and honor one another, our guests and the poor and needy (Acts 16:14-15).

Practical Care

Love being demonstrated through acts of kindness and care to those in need inside and outside of the church especially, the sick, disabled, the poor, the widowed, the orphan and the refugee. (Proverbs 21:13; 1 Timothy 6:17-19)

Authentic Expression

Keeping it real, saying it as it is, no hype, no exaggeration, no performance.